We Create Meals

Each week we design a menu full of fresh, healthy, and delicious meals. Each dish has a balance of macros, with fresh, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Whether its seasonal elements and ingredients, or layered tastes and exciting textures, Alyssa is always looking to make our meals STAND OUT


We post online

Once we have our menu, we post it online (on Sundays at 12am sharp) for our customers to view and drool over.

We never "rotate" our meals, we ensure our meals are different each time to keep things interesting!


Place your order!

Pay and order directly through our website, then enter your delivery information.

All orders are due before Saturday 11.59PM PST! This ensures we have enough time to shop, cook, package, and ship your meals!

The Meals

Our shopping for our custom weekly meals are done on Thursdays, and we only purchase enough for each order placed. Alyssa and the team prepare each meal to order, so it’s the freshest quality. Everything is chopped, sliced, cooked, packaged and fresh frozen in one day!

We go from stove/oven, to cooling right to the perfect temperature to maintain the top food safety standards, straight into our deep freezer, guaranteeing that your food is as fresh as can be once you get it and decide to dine!

All of our meals are microwaveable, and ovenable, and should be reheated to the temperatures specified on their labels. You can put the whole container in, (including the film) just poke a few holes in the film to allow steam and moisture to escape!

Packaging and Delivery

All of our meals will arrive frozen (unless otherwise noted on the menu), and it's imperative that you either freeze or refrigerate your meals immediately upon arrival. Our packaging is compostable, recyclable, and sustainable. Our thermal bags and dry ice ensure the meals will stay within a safe temperature when delivered and up until you get home that day.

All of our deliveries are done on Thursday and Friday, depending on your zip code. We are unable to give you an exact time to expect your meals on Thursday or Friday.

We reserve the right to alter any and all delivery times in the instance of inclimate weather, or other emergencies - we’ll alert our customers in a timely manner. If you ever have a question regarding altered deliveries, please contact us, and we'd be happy to address any concerns!