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Each week, our owner and chef, Alyssa, designs a menu full of fresh, healthy, and delicious (if we do say so ourselves) meals. She works behind the scenes to balance the macros of each meal, tediously tweaking, adding and subtracting elements, until everything is balanced to perfection.

One truly unique thing about our menu and design process is that all of our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and are truly the best quality available. Whether its seasonal elements and ingredients, or layered tastes mixed with new and exciting textures, Alyssa is always looking to make our meals STAND OUT against our competition.

Okay, so you're in, right? You want to order?

Here's what you need to know next...

All of our ordering is done via our website!

You can order, and pay directly on our website, and enter all of your local delivery information there as well! There is a $60 minimum per order for free local delivery.

All orders are due by Monday at 7PM PST. Why?

Glad you asked! In order for us to make sure that we have enough time to shop, cook, package, and ship, we need to guarantee that we know how much of each item needs to be purchased for our orders.

So, your order is in, and you're patiently waiting for it, now.

Here's some other important details for you...

All of our shopping is done on Thursdays for the week ahead. We only purchase enough of each element in order to make the meals our customers order, which is why it's super important that we have our orders in on time!

Alyssa then prepares each and every meal fresh! Everything is chopped, sliced, cooked, packaged and fresh frozen in one day!

We go from stove/oven, to cooling right to the perfect temperature to maintain the top food safety standards, straight into our deep freezer, guaranteeing that your food is as fresh as can be once you get it and decide to dine!

*Please note that we reserve the right to alter any and all delivery times in the instance of inclimate weather, or other emergencies. We will always alert our customers in a timely manner via our social media, or email, as needed. If you ever have a question regarding altered deliveries, please contact us, and we'd be happy to address any concerns!

All of our meals are microwaveable, and should be reheated to the temperatures specified on their labels. And yes, you can put the whole container right into your microwave, just make sure to either remove, or loosen the cover before heating.

Be careful, as with anything else you put into a microwave, the contents of your containers will be hot when you remove them! We personally suggest taking a couple of minutes to let your meal cool down before you dive in, but hey, that's just us.

Our packaging is recyclable, and sustainable

Another way that we're doing our part to help our customers, and the planet!


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