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What it means to be exclusive...

by Alyssa Starr June 20, 2019 3 min read

What it means to be exclusive...

From the beginning of this journey, we have made it our mission to find and provide the best of the best when it comes to ingredients. At the heart of every meal we make, and every menu we have written, is the simple question, “would I feed this to my family? Would I eat it myself?”


Picture yourself at the grocery store the last time you were there, reading all of the labels, checking the ingredients, trying to find the best bang for your buck, but more importantly, trying to find the best product for your family. Now, picture doing that while you shop to feed hundreds of people. The pressure is out of this world.


There are so many different companies, making the same thing, but adding their own things into each variety. We struggled to find the best quality meats, especially. We strive to keep our meals affordable, but still high quality. The highest quality, to be exact.


Enter Bently Ranch. Bently is located in Carson Valley, Nevada, and is the top name in meat. Their meats are all grass-fed, grass finished, hormone free, antibiotic free, GMO free, all natural and humane. They literally check every single box when it comes to the list in my mind regarding “top quality”. Meeting the amazing people at Bently Ranch was a life-changing, and awe-inspiring experience. As someone who has butchered the largest of animals, to the smallest of animals, I’d like to think I know what quality means, but these meats went beyond my wildest dreams.


As if meeting the amazing people at Bently wasn’t enough, we worked together to discuss our vision as MOM, and were offered an exclusive partnership as purveyors of their meats. We are the ONLY meal prep company that they have partnered with. This exclusive partnership was not only an honor to get, but literally guaranteed that we would be able to bring the most amazing, healthy, restaurant quality meats to you in our meals! Literally no other meal prep company can say that.


I’m not telling you this to brag, or to humble brag, even. I’m telling you this because it directly impacts YOU! In a world where we are all striving, to some extent, to limit our exposure to bad things, chemicals, medications, hormones, etc., it’s imperative that we feed our bodies, and our family’s bodies with food we know is quality, that we can stand by. Bently Ranch provides just that. You never have to look at our meals and wonder if there’s anything lurking in the meats that we use. They just simply are not grocery store, bargain brand meats. And we’re proud of that.


Using Bently Ranch’s meat is just another puzzle piece that we have put into place on our mission to be the best meal prep company we can be, and we really hope that not only do you see the value in this incredible partnership, but that you TASTE the value of this partnership as well. Rest assured, your meals are not something you need to worry about when they come from MOM, because not only WOULD I feed these meals to my family, but I DO feed them to my family, and our team does too!

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