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This subscription option from Mother of Macros offers you 5 FULL DAYS worth of meals! We're giving you breakfast, lunch and dinner options, , and one 4 Pack of Donuts!

That’s 15 meals, ready to fuel your week!

This meal pack is the BEST and EASIEST way to make sure that you're staying on track, every day of the week!

This week's meals will include:

Signature Protein Waffles- Two DELICIOUS gluten free protein waffles, made with coconut milk, whey protein, and clean ingredients (like grape-seed oil) which are brain food! Served with sugar-free maple syrup on the side!  Pro-Tip: top with your favorite fresh fruits (not included) Allergen Alert: Dairy (whey protein) This meal is Gluten Free! Nutritional Information (Per One Meal): Calories: 143 Protein: 8g Carbs: 17g Fat: 5g

Signature Brown Sugar Maple Pecan Pancakes- Delicious and fluffy gluten free pancakes, made with sweet brown sugar, delicious maple flavor, and crunchy pecans. Served with sugar-free maple syrup. Allergen Alert: Tree NutsThis meal isGluten Free, Dairy Free! Nutritional Information (Per One Meal): Calories: 335 Protein: 9g Carbs: 34g Fat: 11g

Signature Chicken Fajitas- Sauteed onions and peppers, served with delicious grilled chicken breast and garlic white beans, topped with our mild signature house made salsa!   This meal is Gluten Free, Grain Free & Dairy Free! Nutritional Information (Per One Meal): Calories: 330 Protein: 40 Carbs: 32g Fat: 6g

Signature Teriyaki Chicken - Succulent chicken, slow cooked in gluten-free teriyaki sauce (made by our friends at Great Full Gardens) with broccoli florets, roasted red peppers, and served over brown rice! This meal is Gluten Free and Dairy Free! Nutritional Information (Per One Meal) Calories: 345 Protein: 31g Carbs: 43g Fat: 7g

Chili Verde -Tender braised lean pork, with a mild salsa verde, served with garlic white beans. Topped with onion and cilantro.  Pro-tip: Add avocado slices for added healthy fats! This meal isGluten Free, Dairy Free and Grain Free! Nutritional Information (Per One Meal): Calories: 435 Protein: 43g Carbs: 22g Fat: 17g

Crave-A-Bowls: Wasabi Chicken Bowl - Roasted chicken over fluffy quinoa, garlic kale, shredded carrots, roasted broccoli, and edamame, with black sesame seeds and a wasabi cream sauce on the side.  This dish isHOTwhen the sauce is added!This meal is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free Allergen Alert: Egg, Soy Nutritional Information (Per One Meal): Calories: 392 Protein: 40g Carbs: 35g Fat: 10g