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Our Story

Mother of Macros is a gourmet meal preparation company founded by Alyssa and Zac, a husband and wife team from Reno, Nevada.  Together, they have dedicated their lives  to feeding people with healthy foods by creating quick, convenient meals, and they have a true passion for food, and making others feel great!

Supporting people to stay healthy and helping people achieve that is our main goal. Nutrition is by far the most important and difficult part of a fit lifestyle. We understand that you don't always have time to do the meal planning, grocery shopping, preparation, cooking and packaging needed to follow an effective nutrition plan. Ordering online through our website is simple and saves you hours putting together meals that fit your diet.

Mother of Macros provides fresh, great tasting food that is customized to your lifestyle goals. You can succeed in achieving the healthy lifestyle you've been working so hard for!

At Mother of Macros, we understand the value of keeping a diet exciting. Our creative team is dedicated to including a wide variety of themes and flavors that change every week. We hope you enjoy our selection of different options and condiments!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we're doing right or what we can improve on.

The people that

Made us possible



Alyssa is the chef/owner of Mother of Macros, and the brains behind the operation! Alyssa has dedicated her life to feeding people all over the country, and has a true passion for food, and making others feel great! She has lost over 90 pounds since she began her health and wellness journey, after the birth of her and Zac's daughter. Her own journey is what made her decide to help spread the health, and build Mother of Macros from the ground up, using her own healthy and fun recipes.  Alyssa works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Mother of Macros growing, and thriving. She is also known to put on her chef's coat and bring her sass and drive to the kitchen, where she feels most at home. 



Zac's vision for Mother of Macros was to not only meet, but exceed the industry standard when it comes to meal prep. While juggling a full time job Zac was also busy creating and developing the Mother of Macros that you have come to know and love today. From the packaging to the engineering of the company, Zac has worked tirelessly to make Mother of Macros a staple in homes across the country. He continues to work full time for M.O.M. now, and is just as dedicated to making the world healthier and happier as he was when this company began!

Toni , CPT, CN

Customer Relations/Logistics/Web Content

Toni is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, and has been a part of the Mother of Macros team from the beginning. She is a jack of all trades, and helps in many areas of the company, including customer relations, web content design and management, and logistics coordination and analytics. Toni started her own health and wellness journey alongside Alyssa, and hasn't looked back since. Not only does she work for Mother of Macros, she's been known to crush a Cookie Monster donut, and could live off of some of M.O.M.'s most iconic meals.