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Child Obesity Awareness Month

by Aydan Andrews September 22, 2021 3 min read

Child Obesity Awareness Month


September is known as Child Obesity Awareness Month. We feel that bringing awareness to something so tragic is absolutely necessary, but also that in order to create a change in this narrative we need to do our part in helping the community take small steps in the right direction that we can start doing today. 

What is considered obese and how many kids are actually affected by this epidemic?

According to the Nationwide children’s hospital, children with BMI’s between 85th and 95th percentiles are considered overweight and children with a BMI above the 95th percentile are considered obese. 

  • Only about 2% of American children eat a healthy diet. 2%. Not 20%. You read that correctly. 

  • 45% of children diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. 

This is the leading nutrition problem in children and it isn’t slowing down. America is losing a war with Child Obesity but it doesn’t have to end here. We at Mother of Macros are here to empower parents, siblings, friends, family, and children themselves to take control of their health and make changes for the sake of their own health and of future generations.

Let’s get empowered! 

The first thing you need to know is that you aren’t alone in this and it’s never too late to start a new path to health both as a parent and for your child. But children should not be disciplined for their health choices, nor should they be called out for it or emotionally targeted. This can cause more issues down the road and could even lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. 

So how do we start? Commit to 3 things:

  1. Make the agreement as a family that you are all going to put in the work.
  2. Put health as a priority and sincere interest in conversations, activities, and education.
  3. Make it fun! Kids LOVE fun. They don’t want to look at health like it’s homework on the weekend. They want it to be engaging, challenging, exciting, and positive.

What you do at home has a direct impact and may even prevent child obesity so let's make the most of it:

Prep for success. Prepare healthy meals and snacks in advance so you don’t have to opt to a processed and packaged snack on the way out the door. 

Limit sedentary activities such as playing video games, watching TV, or working on the computer. Daily this should not exceed 1-2 hours. Instead, use this free time to go on short family walks, bike rides, hikes, crafts, and active games.

Make incentivesfor kids to learn about health. This can be done many different ways so you have to find what works best for your family. Such as a kid-friendly health trivia to win a small prize, a 10-minute creative reading time could be a ticket to a raffle for a family activity to do together on the weekend (like movies or the water park), and so on. 

Cook together! Some children are more willing to eat the healthy foods prepared if they are involved in the cooking process. So grab the mini chef hat and let them join in! This will also allow you the opportunity to learn about their food preferences, teach them about nutrition, and encourage them to try new foods.

Changing a lifestyle is not an overnight transformation. It takes time, energy, and constant support for the parents and the child. But the more you embrace this new change and make small changes every day, the more you will see amazing results and set your child up for a successful healthy future.

Mother of Macros is a leader in health-based meal plan services and is here to support your family in their health journey. We offer nutrition guidance, resources for healthy living, and constant support. We want to change the way people look at health and give everyone the opportunity to live a healthy life. 

If you have any questions or want to know more information on what you can do to be the change in a child’s life, email us at:info@motherofmacros.com and mention this article. 


Are you looking for a local pediatrician to jumpstart your child’s health? Dr. Steven Althoff is a top pediatrician in Reno NV with an outstanding reputation that supports our meal programs at Mother of Macros.

“I love what you guys are doing here with your products in our community” -Dr Steven Althoff, MD Pediatrics and Associates 

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